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in Realtime

Zealous Meet lets your directly connect & monetize engagement with your fans

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Join Waitlist See Example

Host live streams with your fans

Connect with your fans in realtime to answer their questions and build strong relationships

Meet & Greets

Connect with your fans virtually anywhere

Ask Me Anything

Answer the questions your fans top questions

Office Hours

Connect with your students and clients

Just Chatting

Casual conversations catching up with fans

Turn facetime into fulltime

Deliver premium, paid engagements to your most engaged followers and fans

Monetize Your Fanbase


Sell tickets for events and engagement types


Deliver recurring live experiences to fans


Inspire viewers and fans to join the stage any time


Capture realtime tips for your efforts and time

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Everything you need to build a live streaming business

Zealous lets you instantly turn live streaming into powerful engagements and revenue

Gated Events

Limit access to events based on fees and memberships

Priority Tickets

Allow guests to buy the kind of engagement they want to have

Guest Queue

Automatically engage your fans so no one gets missed

Realtime Guests

Bring anyone on stage from the audience on demand

Mailing List

Build and grow your member mailing list

Member Sync

Import and track your existing memberships

Zero Downloads

Zealous work from any browser, web or mobile


Stream directly to your audience on any platform

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