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Become a Zealous Genesis Member to shape the future of community conversations

Creator Genesis Pass

0.25 ETH

For content creators looking to engage their audience

  • Creator Plan subscription until Jan 1, 2024
  • Unlimited use until Jan 1, 2023
  • $550 USD in value


  • Automated imports from RSS, YouTube, & more
  • Automated audiograms and publishing
  • Automated social sharing

Community Genesis Pass

0.5 ETH

For online communities looking to engage members

  • Community Plan subscription until Jan 1, 2024
  • Unlimited use until Jan 1, 2023
  • $1100 USD in value


  • Everything in Creator Plan
  • Web3 gating and permissions
  • Gated audio/video spaces & meetings

Why Mint the Genesis Pass?

Genesis members are committed to building community through engaging conversations.

Every pass holder will enjoy all of the following benefits

  • Early access to all new Beta features
  • Voting on new Zealous features
  • Airdrops for Zealous credits
  • Discounted pricing for future subscriptions
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Mint Questions

Answers to the most common questions

  • How many NFTs will be available? Will you sell out?

    There will be a limited, but generous supply of Genesis Passes. Our goal is to be inclusive and accessible, while still leaving room for us to stay responsive to your needs.

    • Creator Genesis Pass ~ 2,000 supply
    • Community Genesis Pass ~ 1,000 supply
  • How do I activate my Zealous plan after minting?

    You will be able to to start your own Zealous Community in early November.

    To start a Zealous Community, you will be asked to connect your wallet and your Genesis Pass will be consumed to initialize your community.

  • Who is the artist?
    We teamed up with the very talented @jpritteeNFT not only for his amazing talent and style but also for his love and support for emerging Web3 communities, especially those helping to onboard the next generation of underrepresented and underserved Web3 builders, collectors, and investors.
  • I chose the creator pass but I've changed my mind and want community. Can I upgrade my package?

    Your Genesis Pass cannot be upgraded, but you will definitely have the opportunity to upgrade your actual plan for a discounted rate when we enable monthly subscriptions in early Q1 2023.

    If you haven't activated your pass, you certainly can sell it on secondary and upgrade!

  • What perks do I get for being an early member?
    As one of our founding members, you have the ability to help shape the Zealous platform as we'll be using feedback and votes from you to decide on future capabilities. You will also continue to receive a discount on future years' memberships past 2023.
  • Is there a cutoff day for minting?
    Sales for the Genesis Pass will end once we have minted out or January 1, 2023 whichever comes first.
  • Can I still get access to Zealous if I don't have a Genesis Pass?


    Zealous will offer both monthly and annual subscriptions, payable in fiat or crypto, starting early 2023.

  • What if I decide I don't like Zealous?

    We highly recommend that you give Zealous a try, for free, right now! You can test it with your Twitter account.and Spaces.

    Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund on your Genesis Pass.

  • If I give or sell my NFT, does that also transfer my account?

    Your Genesis Pass contains the ability to activate a Creator or Community Plan. Once activated, that is stored off-chain and keeps your account active regardless of whether the pass is in wallet or ownership.

    Please note that once the Pass is claimed, no one else can claim it, though the holder would still be eligible to receive future perks.