Turn your marketing from zero to hero

Zealous is your AI assistant, turning all your recorded content into marketing that works

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all your content in one place,
preserved and prepared



Automatic backup for your Twitter Spaces and podcasts



Centralized storage and optimization for recorded content


A.I.-generated transcripts with audience data sync

"Zealous saves us (Spruce) hours of time transcribing Sign-In with Ethereum community calls for our regular reporting. It’s also great to have one central repo of all past Spaces stored where they won’t expire - like a podcast channel without the extra work."


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leverage AI to analyze and optimize
your content for your audience

A.I. Assistant

Generation & enrichment content with AI


Automate content production and marketing workflows

"@zealous_app is the platform I wish I had when most DAOs I helped put together started"


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marketing assets automatically to
power your marketing channels


Transform audio into shareable video for any platform


Instant recap videos generated from any recording

"Reviewing and writing recaps is a breeze with @zealous_app, which automatically captures recorded spaces and transcribes speaker audio into easy-to-read text."


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any recording to every channel you
want to support with text, audio or video


Automate publishing your content to multiple channels


Lightweight publishing and sharing for engaged audiences


What is Zealous?

Zealous is an AI content marketing platform that helps creators turn their recordings into social and marketing content

Why do I need Zealous?

If you're like us, you don't have enough time or resources to go back through all your live content to repurpose it.

Who is Zealous for?

Zealous is for content creator finding themself with not enough time, from builders to solo creators, to full-time social media marketers

What platforms do you work with?

Zealous can work with any uploaded recording and also automatically imports Twitter Spaces and RSS.

Can I try Zealous for free?

Yes! We have a free Personal Plan available for all to use.

How much does Zealous cost?

Zealous offers three paid plans: Host, Creator, and Community. Plans start $10 a month. SeePricing for more.

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    Zealous is an AI-powered content marketing platform for busy creators