Communities Are Conversations

Zealous connects Web3 communities
through conversation

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All Your Conversations In One Place

Zealous tracks all your community conversations

Every Kind of Conversation

Zealous makes every kind of conversation available anytime, anywhere

Marketing Spaces

Extend the utility of your public content to your full audience and community

Workshops & Webinars

Deliver members-only content and experiences to your NFT and token holders

Town Halls & AMAs

Engage and interact with your community prospects and members to share updates and plans

Working Meetings

Bring transparency to your planning efforts and work streams for members and stakeholders

A Community Platform
for Web3

Zealous makes your conversations secure, accessible, and inclusive


Capture recordings, meetings and webinars


React and reply in any conversation


Permanent, automatic transcripts and highlights


Gate content with tokens and member roles


Save time with automated sharing


Connect to your existing tools and services


Interact and work together with members


Recognize and reward contributiuons