More Community in Less Time

Zealous helps you host and deliver conversations to shift passive followers into an active community

As a writer and community organizer, Zealous is one of my favorite tools for accessible communication in the space.
Zealous saves me from drowning in too many Twitter Spaces and podcasts. I can finally keep up with all the communities I care about in one place. I am obsessed!
Zealous is the platform I wish I had when most DAOs I helped put together started

Zealous in Action

Some examples of Zealous being used today

CPG Club

CPG hosts Spaces, a podcast, and token-gated Telegram content


All Hug Pass Holders


Juicebox hosts bi-weekly town halls on Discord and a new podcast

How Zealous Works

Zealous gives your community a living hub for all your content and conversations while also making high-performing content creation for multiple platforms a snap

01. Capture

Aggregate all your conversations in one place

Host native recordings or import your spaces, voice chats, meetings, and other media.

02. Publish

Maximize the reach of your conversations

Not your average transcription. Automatically transform your audio and videos into content that lives on social media, in podcasts, and more.

03. Highlight

Surface key moments as community gems

Share your content directly to members via podcasts, social posts, Discord, or Twitter posts, and more in the form of audiograms, which you can create yourself or with your community.

Your Virtual Community Manager

Zealous helps your community managers deliver more value in less time

Automatic Imports

Import conversations and recordings from Twitter, Discord, Zoom and more

Automatic Content Creation

Transform any conversation to video, audio, and text formats to maximize utility

Automatic Exports

Export content to RSS, YouTube, Discord and other social platforms

Automatic Transcription

Turn audio or video into readable, interactive text for everyone

Automatic Translation

Include everyone in the convo with realtime translation

Automatic Summaries

Minimize listening time with automatic summaries

Frequent Questions

Answers to the most common questions

  • Why do I need Zealous?
    Zealous helps you get all your content into one place automatically and delivers it to everyone who wants it saving you time you can spend with your community.
  • What does Zealous do?

    Zealous is in a private beta currently, but we already do a number of things:

    1. Automatically pulls content from Twitter Spaces
    2. Allows you to upload any recordings you have
    3. Automatically transcribes your recordings
    4. Helps build highlight reels for faster listening
    5. Generates audiograms (videos from your audio) for sharing
  • Who is Zealous for?
    Zealous is ideal for Web3 projects and creators looking to engage their members in conversation.
  • What platforms does Zealous integrate with?

    Zealous can ingest content from many places including:

    1. Twitter Spaces
    2. Uploads
    3. RSS Feeds
    4. YouTube Channels

    Zealous can publish or share to:

    1. RSS / Podcasts
    2. Syndication Partners
    3. YouTube
    4. Twitter
  • Does Zealous replace Discord?
    Zealous can be used either as a companion to your Discord or as an alternative if Discord isn't for your community.
  • Can I try Zealous for free?
    Zealous is free for personal use - we'll track and archive your Twitter Spaces forever.
  • How much will Zealous cost?
    Zealous will offer 2 paid plans: one for Creators and another for Communities in early 2023. We expect prices to start around $20 per month.
  • I'm not convinced, can we chat?
    Yes! We're doing something totally new, and it isn't always easy to understand. We apologize. Feel free to schedule some time to chat with our founder!