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Zealous gives creators powerful tools to build, grow, and monetize their live audience

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The ultimate home page for every time you go live

Zealous gives you a home page to capture your audience, questions, ideas and much more

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Live Rooms

Upgrade your live streams

Zealous lets you field questions from your audience, bring them on stage with you, and engage with each other

Room Ping
In-Person Answers

Bring your fan online to answer with them

Question Queue
Question Queue

Prioritize the best questions from your audience

Chat Interface

Let your audience engage with each other

Reactions (soon)

Read the room with realtime reactions

Live Audience

Build unbreakable relationships

Zealous lets you build a platform-independent community of your top followers and fans

Live Revenue (beta)

Turn realtime into revenue

Zealous helps you turn your realtime viewers and listeners into patrons and customers

Tips / Donations

Capture fan appreciation via donations and tips


Sell premium access to individual streams


Sell monthly subscriptions to ongoing live experiences


Zealous was made for every creator who goes live

Going live is easier than ever today, but it should be a fun and rewarding experience for all


Add realtime engagement to your rooms

LinkedIn Live

Convert your Live viewers into customers

FB Live

Do more with your Facebook Live streams

IG Live

Swipe up to premium live streams

TikTok Creators

Take your Q&A to the next level with your fans


Activate your post-show experience with subs

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